Not Update Adhaar Card Many Times, Otherwise Go to Delhi

Update Adhaar Card

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Delhi Adhaar Card Update

Adhaar Card, Many people update aadhaar card to match their document several times. But UIDAI is planning something different to crackdown applicant who update aadhaar card baar baar. Your aadhaar card might be rejected when you aadhaar card updated several times. Here is some important sanctioned applied on you. For example you will not longer able to aadhaar card, your aadhaar automatically rejected in all types of scheme which your taking benefit. UIDAI says in their Aadhar Card update rules that you need to go Delhi and show of your aadhaar card related document through which your aadhaar car was made. Main head office of Aadhaar card is in Delhi and Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata have its regional head office. Officer working in UIDAI Delhi reveals information on Aadhaar Card update that we are talking about. He replied if anyone wants to update aadhaar card in any field than he and she has to produce document on original basis. He said this In Dehradoon, Uttarakhand regional head office of Aadhaar card.

Date of Birth Update in Aadhaar Card: You can change your aadhaar card only one time in a lifetime. To apply for change in date of birth one should have registered date of birth from their regional Gram Panchayat, Nagar Nigam Office and Tehsil certificate is only valid proof documents.

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Name Change in Aadhaar Card: On time Sanshodhan (update) are allowed to change your Name/Gender in aadhar card. Your name or gender will only be changed when you show proper document or affidavit regarding why you’re changing name r gender.

UIDAI Adhaar Card Update: Rule of changing aadhaar card on Name, Gender and date of birth rules will be revoked and fully applies from 1st September 2019. So you have to Delhi when your aadhaar declared invalid.
1. You aadhar card become invalid.
2. It will be rejected by Bank with your bank account.
3. It may become permanent, when you don’t go Delhi for clarification.