UGC 4 Years Degree Course Benefits, 3 Years Degree Course Become History

UGC 4 Years Degree Course List of 4 years degree course in Indian Education Policy, UGC 4 YEARS Course List latest news 2019. Now B.COM, B.A  B.SC converted into 4 years bachelor’s courses.

UGC 4 Years Degree Course UGC is heading towards 4 years of graduation instead of 3 years. What will happen if every course like B.A B.SC BCOM or BCA BBA becomes 4 years from our point of view only 1 year’s master degree you have to qualify in relevant jobs in Management, Education, Pharma line etc. In Britain many India go on study visa to save their 1 year of Master Course and India don’t recognize UK Master Degree programme. University Grant Commission who is King of Education degree courses and also called way of approving any course that you want to introduce for students and public. UGC is hammering  3 years course and plugging 4 years course on graduation level.

UGC 4 years Course Benefits: Many International universities don’t accept 3 years degree course students in their master degree course and on a logical base foreign University runs 4 years Arts, Master, Engineering, Commerce and Science Stream Course.

4 years degree course make highway of Indian students to apply for Master Degree course in UK, Britain, Germany, Australia because they have only 1 years master degree course.

4 years course helps to integrate, connect, exchange of students to student.

Keep in Mind if  you want to go to study in foreign University than you must calculate your educational background like this (16 years of educational backgrounds+ 4 years of bachelor degree course).

Due to following above guidelines many students opts diploma course.

UG 4 years programme will not expire for decades.

India Education Policy 2019: In temporary time University has 3 years graduate course and 2 years of post graduate course. After that you will only have to apply for PHD course.