Haryana Parivahan E Challan Payment Pay, Rs 15000 Bike Challan, Red Light Challan

Haryana Parivahan E Challan Payment Pay of Driving licence e challan, Gurugram e challan status RC e challan, bike challan on red light signal and Haryana Insurance Fine Rate List of 1 September 2019. After Changing rates of Haryana Traffic Challan Fine List 2019 you may have to think Cycle instead of Bike or best way to save from Haryana E challan Payment is to go with e rickshaw which can also save your petrol but also helps to make Earth more green breath but to grow economy we need fuel and to enjoy our life with friends, parents and relatives we need Natural Fuel born from the ground. Recently we listen magic case Gurgaon e challan story. One person breaks the traffic rules after 1 september but in a moment APPLICANT RECEIVED heavy challan which he was not expecting. Now whenever he breaks rules than he should have to pay heave traffic challan price.

Haryana E Challan Fine List 2019: Rs 23000 Gurugram E Challan suddenly viral in all social media that traffic police. From 1 September 2019 maybe 10% Bike, Car and Auto disappear from Road because Haryana govt has made strict law on Insurance Fine Rate, Driving licence Fine, Without RC, Challan on Pradhushan Certificate. 

Helmet Challan: Rs 1,000 Challan.
Challan on running vehicles without Licence: Rs 5000.
Dont have RC Challan: Rs 5000
Running Bike Without insurance: Rs 2000.
RunningBike without Pollution Certificate:Rs 10000.

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Scootty Challan in Haryana Gurugram: In Haryana two cases 1 scooty owner fined for not having any document on scootty name. He in his explanation brings his original certificate from whatsapp but it was totally last and fine of Rs 23000 have been charged on total price of scootty which is Rs 15000. 

1. He requested to not make e challan but traffic police challan his/her bike.
2. after taking e challan receipt he become confused whether i should take scooty home or pay challan or filed case court to remove such challan.

Gurugram e challan rate: Many auto drivers you will find they break rules in their location but after reading Violation penalties on his auto that break red light rules he fined with Rs 32,500 which may be his her family monthly income or below.