UP Antar Janpadiya Teacher Transfer 2020, Primary Teacher Shikshak Tabadala

UP Antar Janpadiya Teacher Transfer 2020

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UP Antar Janpadiya Teacher Transfer Latest News 2019

UP Primary Teacher Transfer, Those Teacher who are waiting to hear voice on Teacher transfer on Antar Janpadiya Adesh (Order) they now have to sit calm this year because Basic Shiksha Vibhag who have authority to issue UP Teacher Transfer Order they said we have started work on UP Inter District Transfer and it will fully optimized from year 2020. We Pray to God, you all get posting near your home district so that you can meet your family and specially children. Much teacher protest to remove rule of 5 years of service as they believes it affects 2 Lakh primary teachers every year. In UP Inter District Transfer Policy, govt kept special reservation for women to live with their husband in same district. UP BSA department also gives preference to those teachers who wants to give their service in backward village and district. The data of up teacher transfer order gives analysis that teacher select cities as their posting and not in large number teacher transfer not welcome in Village who are not connected to cities. So very soon LT Grade teacher transfer, primary teacher transfer, lecturer transfer will be accepted from the beginning of next years.

1. Antar Janpadiya 2012: Starting date on inter district transfer.
2. Antar Janpadiya 2012-13: 18,000 Shikshak Tabadala
3. Antar Janpadiya 2013-14: 17,000 Inter District transfer
4. Antar Janpadiya 2016-17: 16870 teacher transfer.
5. Antar Janpadiya June 2017
6. Antar Janpadiya June 2018: 11963 teacher ko facility mili.

Name of the Department: Basic Shiksha Vibhag
Scheme: UP Antar Janpadiya Tabadala
Posting Date: 26 August 2019
Opening Date of Teacher Transfer: 2020
Rules: 5 years Service,
Status: Pending.

5 years Service Rule for UP Primary Teacher Transfer: शिक्षक लगातार पांच सेवा का विरोध  कर रहे हैं, 
अध्यापक लोग का कहना है २ लाख शिक्षको का लाभ नहीं मिलेगा।

UP Teacher Transfer Order 2019: दिसम्बर तक जारी हो सकता आदेश।  इसके लिए आदेश इसी  वर्ष के अंत तक जारी होगा। वहीँ तबादले कब किये जाएँ  विचार किया जाये। क्यूंकि सत्र  शुरुआत में छुट्टी न हनी के कारन पढाई प्रभावित हो रही है. तबादले फरवरी मार्च २०२० में किये जाये।