Top 10 Current Affairs 3 August 2019 Ellyse Perry, Miss England, GDP Rank

Top 10 Current Affairs 3 August 2019 Read Here SSC Bank GK Current Affairs of August 3, 2019, UPSC Current Affairs 3 August, GK Question 3 August in which we read Miss England 2019, T20 Women Queen Ellyse Perry and slip on 7th spot in Global GDP Ranking 2019 previous rank of India surpasses both France and United Kingdom. UPSC exam calendar announced and you only have to prepare and select posts which you want.

Which Women Player has become First player to score 1000 Runs and take 100 wickets in T20s match?
Ellyse Perry

Which NASAs Satellite discovers Super Earth Which may be Suitable for Life?
TESS Satellite Founds super earth 31 Light years always from earth. The NASA named this plant GJ 357 d. Super earth is extrasolar planet.

Which E Commerce company of America going to buy stack in Reliance retail unit? Inc going to buy stack in Reliance Retail brands. Recently Wallmart has also invested $16 Billion in Flipkart.

Which company became 1st US Company to reach $1 Trillion economy? INC.

What is second name of Chinese currency Yuan?
Renminbi, in written exam this is popular currency name.

Which Middle East Country Allows women to travel without approval of any male?
Saudi Arabia. Over the age of 21 years to obtain passport for women to travel without male.

Which India origin women crowned as Miss England 2019?
Bhasha Mukherjee, 23 years of age became Miss England 2019, she has a medical degree and doctor.Dr. Mukherjee has an IQ of 146 and speaks five languages German, Hindi and French.

Which Country recently bans Burqas in Public place?
The Netherlands.

Which Telecom major going to shut down its 3g service from March 2020?
Bharti Airtel, Gopal Vittal, CEO (India and South Asia)

India Global GDP Ranking 2019
India 7th Spot $2.73 Trillion, United State Number 1m China Number 2, Japan Number 3, Germany Number 4, UK number 5, France 6

1. Parliament passes Wage Code Bill on 2nd August 2019.