Top 10 Current Affairs 2 August 2019 Ravish Kumar, Ramon Magsaysay Award

Top 10 Current Affairs 2 August 2019 here we have top 10 current affairs of 2 August 2019, Friday in which Ravish Kumar awarded with International Journalist award and United State of America withdrawal from Nuclear treaty which will again hurt China and Russia relationship with USA and on 2nd August Ujjivan small finance bank recently appointed some important person from successful startups.

Country Going to Withdraw From  Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty on 2 August 2019 ?
The United States, will withdraw from 1987 Old treaty by US president Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Which Indian Journalist recently grabbed prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award ?
Indian journalist Ravish Kumar has been awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award 2019, He is senior executive editor of Indian popular news channel NDTV India.

Which country covered with 82% of ICE Covered and also called largest island country in the World ? Greenland, 82% surface of its covered with ICE.

Through Which state Virgin Hyperloop-DP World (VHO-DPW) train will Run ?
Hyperlook Track was proposed between Mumbai and Pune.

Which University of India will called paper less University ?
Banaras Hindu University, 80% of BHU administrative work is completed through software provided by Consultancy firm. The target of 100% online work begins from 15 August 2019. Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala and IIIT-Bangalore.

Name of which Flipkart founder has been named as director of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank ?
Flipkarts Sachin Bansal.

which HDFC Bank’s digital banking head appointed MD of Ujjivan Small Finance Bank ?
Nitin Chugh.