Pakistan Deployed Fighter Jets to Skardu Ladakh LOC, Near Skardu

Pakistan Deployed Fighter Jets to Ladakh, Pakistan J 17 Skardu Ladakh Pakistan C 30 aircraft in Skardu Ladakh, Pakistan jets in Indian ladakh Region, Pakistan Military jets in Skardu. Breaking news of Pakistan People and Indian defence services is Pakistan Govt deployed Fighters jets near Indian Union Territories Ladakh Region. After removing Article 370 from Jammu Kashmir Pakistan faces Humiliation from UNSC security council members and neighbouring countries of India. Sources from Pakistan sides says Pakistan has deployed Three c-30 Transport Aircraft sponsored by America Defence Forces. May be pakistan wants to pressure India to add once again article 370 that provides special status to only Pakistan Supported person but Indian govt already send clear message on working to give employment, starts industry in Kashmir and will do all types of Things which required.

Name of the posts: Pakistan Fighter jets in Skardu Air base (Known as Pakistan Occupied Area.)

Type of jets: old c 30 air craft, J17 FIGHTER JETS..

Pakistan Jets Near Ladakh Region: Indian agencies now working on all possible attempt to counter any misleads by Pakistan. And talking about Skardu which is Pakistan Air Base opposite to Union Territory of India ladakh. Indian Agencies is looking all attempts to counter all types of remedies and both Indian Army and Air Force keeping a close on it.

From the Pakistan Local, Skardu is local air base of pakistan used for training and army operation near border of india. in recent time Pakistan was trying to make big issue in international community  but they don’t able to survive their issue after India cleverly remove Article 370 and 35 A from Jammu kashmir Constitution. Now Ladakh and Jammu kashmir is Union Territories of India.

Skardu is Gilgit Baltistan region known as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. And Prime Minister modi next mission is to take Pakistan occupied kashmir in his election campaign.