IFFCO AGT Syllabus 2019, B.SC Agriculture Trainee, पेपर में क्या आएगा

IFFCO AGT Syllabus 2019

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IFFCO AGT Exam syllabus 2019

IFFCO, if you are a B.SC Agriculture Students than already know which type Trainee Question asked in papers of IFFCO Agriculture Graduate Trainee. But if you dont know and giving first time exampapers of IFFCO AGT 2019 Recruitment. Than we are here to help you to prepare expected question asked in IFFCO AGT Exam Centres that held in all capital city of India. In Exam time of Agriculture Graduate Trainee which will come in period of 2 to 3 month. You have still time to fill gap of preparation under Solved papers, buy books, create extra coaching classes, meet same friends who has applied for iffco agt recruitment 2019.


IFFCO AGT Question papers: In below section we note down these from a book of B.SC Agriculture. Tha can also be find in library of Agriculture University as well as online Google.

1. Preliminary Computer Based On-Line Test by using their own resources, computer/laptop with internet facility.
2. Based on performance in prelims Final On-Line Test will be held in all major cities of India.

3. Personal Interview after Prelims and Mains exam.

1.Introductory knowledge of main branches of horticulture and their importance. 2. Botanical classification of fruits. 3. Climatic fruit zones of Uttar Pradesh and fruits grown therein. 4. Establishment of orchards; Selection of site, systems of planting. 5. Orchard soil management. 6. Systems of irrigation. 7. Principles of pruning and systems of training of fruit plants. 8. Unfruitfulness - its causes and measures to overcome it. 9. Fruit drop - its causes and measures to control it. 10. Rejuvenation of orchards. 11. Brief studies of Polyembryony, Parthenocarpy and incompatibility.

2. English: Study and use of Articles: Pronouns and Prepositions. 2. Tenses in , 1. Synonyms and antonyms 2. One word substitution 3. Affixes, prefixes and suffixes.

3. Bio Chemistry: Proteins , Enzyme, Vitamins.

4. Chemistry: Introduction to computer. A brief history of computing. Data Processing and information. Characteristics of the computer, function, capability and limitations, strength and weakness of computers. 

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6. Crops Type:
Cereal Crops : Paddy, Maize. B. Millet Crops : Sorghum, Bajra. C. Oil seed crops : Groundnut, Til, castor. D. Pulses Crops : Pigeon Pea, Urdbean, Moongbean, Soybean, Cowpea. E. Fibre Crops : Cotton, Jute, Sunnhemp. F. Green Manure crops : Sun hemp and Dhaincha. G. Fodder Crops : Chari, Napier, Sudan grass, Cluster bean, cowpea. 

7. Agricultural Marketing
8. Livestock Production
9. Weeds Management
10. Dairy and Animal.
11. Soil Fertility and Nutrient management.
12. Crop Disease.
13. Farming System and Agriculture.
14. Milk Processing
15. Rained Agriculture and Watershed management
16. Harvesting.
17. Plants Breeding

18. Genetics

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