Discovery School Super League Syllabus, Exam Pattern

Discovery School Super League syllabus DSSL Sample Question Paper pdf download, Discovery School Super League Exam Syllabus 2019-20, Discovery School Super League Exam Date . made by Byjus Teachers for students Grade 4th to 9th. Byjus have also uploaded Discovery School Super League question papers, solved papers and mock test and lecturer videos on its official Byjus. Students who are learning in School and able to speak in English, Hindi or any other language are eligible to become students of Discovery School Super League. As the name says Discovery and you all know Discovery Channel who telecasts all types of Adventures on its TV Shows has tie up with Byjus for making Discovery School Super League Contest 2019-20. It will help students to reach NASAs that have every dream of students to reach. Below is important Discovery School Super League Exam Pattern that you must read below filling Byjus Discovery School Super League Registration Form 2019.

Benefits of DSSL Byjus Course: Every contestant of DSSL would get 60 days Free Online Course(worth INR 6000) on BYJU’S The Learning App and Rs 5,000 Byjus Wallet. Candidates who comes first or second they will go to NASA trip with Teachers and Principal.

Name of the Posts: Discovery School Super League Entrance Exam.
Category: Syllabus.
Classes which are eligible: 4th, 6th, 7th and 9th.

Step 1 40 Minutes time give to complete Multiple Types of question asked in written exam. (On School Level)
Step 2 (At State Level) 40 minutes of multiple type of objective questions asked in written exam.
Step 3 30 teams (One each from 29 states) and one from Delhi (NCR) will compete to pass the DSSL Entrance Exam 2019. For this Discovery channel may telecasts 6 episodes on Discovery School Super League and it will be shooted in Mumbai.

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How to Qualify Discovery School Super League: Take helps from your teacher and subscribe on Byjus for premium subscription. Daily see TV Show or download sample papers of Byjus Discovery School Super League mention after dragging downwards.

Discovery School Super League Sample Papers:

1. What will be the total surface area of this larger cube?
2. How many more unit cubes should be added to make this into a 4 × 4 × 4 cube? 
3. Joe purchased 20 apples from a supermarket for 180 rupees at a discount of 10 percent. 5. How much will a dozen apples cost him if he does not avail any discount? 
6. Which image is created in one stretch without lifting the pen?
7. How many triangles are there in the following figure?
8. Which analogy matches best to the relation given below?