Benefits of Removing Article 370 & 35 A, Jammu Kashmir, Ladakh

Benefits of Removing Article 370 & 35 A You are reading Benefits of Article 370 & Benefits of Article 35 both are running after India Independence. Article 370 provides special status to Pakistan supported community and it don’t give rights according to social justice. Now Article 370 abolished from Jammu Kashmir Constitution and it become union territories of India. Today we should remember golden words of Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee who always against Article 370 but where ever Atal Ji will be, his soul may feel some happiness. for general knowledge purpose and to talk in group discussion this posts dedicated to all India who have supported always United India, United Constitution.

Jammu Kashmir Ladakh Recognition Bill 2019: Article 370 only Takes but don’t give you anything. While watching news channel, many popular journalist like Ravish Kumar, Arnab Goswami said it don’t give rights to person who are living more than 10, 20,30, 40 years. If we go to past than there is Valmiki Community who are working as group d employee usually to clean roads, streets. They always demands to merge them in Jammu Kashmir but due to Article 370, 35 A they are not allowed become citizen of Jammu Kashmir. We have taken 70 years to scrapped/revokes article 370.

Top Benefits of Removing Article 370 of Jammu Kashmir:
1. Indian Citizenship.
2. Only Indian Flag
3. Anybody can buy land.
4.5 years Election
5. Central Govt will run Jammu Kashmir and Laddakh.
6. No Special Status given to J&K, Ladakh.
7. No Pakistan Citizen allowed or gets citizenship.
8. President rule applied in Jammu Kashmir, Ladakh.
9. Minority’s right added in new law of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh.
10. Law related to RTI and Right to education applied in J&K, Ladakh.
11. Now any candidates can fought election in new Two Union Territories of India.
12. Supreme court decision has to accepted by Jammu Kashmir, Ladakh People.

Why India Removed Article 370 in Jammu Kashmir:
Separate Flag of Jammu Kashmir
Dual Citizenship (any Pakistani can also become India and Jammu Kashmir Citizen)
Vidhan Sabha time of Jammu Kashmir was 6 years
No company is eligible to invest in J&K.
Huge loss of Indian Govt tax per person Rs 23,000.
If Jammu Kashmir women marry to Indian men than her citizenship will lost.
16% reservation rules were not there in Jammu Kashmir.
No ruling of Supreme Court decision followed in this region.
If Kashmiri Women marry to Pakistani Men than he can become citizen of Jammu Kashmir.
Jammu Kashmir becomes more corrupt state of India.
Received high amount of central govt funds 10% on only 1% population.

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