Varanasi Mothers Milk Bank, UP First Mother Milk Bank

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Mothers Milk Bank : To improve proper health condition of new born baby or children who have not taken mother milk during their birth time, Mothers Milk Bank is available for them. Where they can purchase mother milk with govt reasonable amount. We are all the child of our Mother, where our mother always works harder to give us proper treatment on health and education and food. In these three items Mothers Milk is necessary for all human beings, this our first step to know which food is better to take. May be due to Mothers milk we acknowledge the difference between Good and Better Food.

UP First Mother Milk Bank: On 17th July Kashi, The Spiritual land of India receives its First Mother Milk Bank. In BHU hospital mother milk bank construction started in wings of Modern Maternal Child Health. NHM and Health department also approved to make First Mother Milk Bank in Banaras Hindu University Hospital and it is expected to be opened with in 2 or 3 months.

Name of the Posts: UP Mother Milk Bank

Location: Varanasi.

Place: BHU Hospital, Maternal Child Health department.

World First Mothers Milk bank: Vienna, Austria in 1911.

First Mothers Milk bank in India: Mumbai, 1989 Lok Manya Tilak Hospital.

New Delhi Amara Milk Bank.
SSKM Hospital, Kolkata.
Lok Manya Tilak Hospital Mumbai
Varanasi, BHU Hospital.
Vijaya Hospital Chennai.
Divya Mother Milk Bank, Rajasthan.

How Mother Milk Taken from Mother: Milk will be taken from those mother who baby dies due to certain problem and from those women who have more milk.

Benefits of Mother Milk: Main benefits of mother milk are it has medicine of Anti Body which can fight with various bacteria.

Mother Milk Bank in India: In India Mother milk preservation date is for 6 month and validity may also increase after giving proper atmosphere which is below minus -20 Degree.