US Military Base in Sri Lanka, Sofa Agreement

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American US Military Base in Sri Lanka: USA going to make military base in Sri Lanka under Sofa agreement (status of forces agreement) but India don't want any country to make naval base in neighbour and it watching with Trinetra eyes of ISRO so that nobody can view our personal life without our permission. If you are a reader of reading news defence services, military arms race than this posts can help you to update knowledge regarding whats happening in the world.

Sofa Agreement between USA and Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe sign a pact with United States of America for allowing its land to United States of America for making military naval base. For your information before 2 or three month before South Korean people largely protested to not install Thaad Missile System which can search any missile coming near to 1,000 km territory of Thaad Missile where it will read to take off.

1. Name of Sri Lankan president is Maithripala Sirisena.
2. Srisena however said we have now deal any agreement on military, naval base instalment.

US Military base in Srilanka: Both prime minister and president come again to differentiate themselves on agreement with USA. One side wants not make agreement like this to lost country sovereignty because government is already facing backlash with public after providing 100 years lease of Hambantota port to China due to 1.3 billion dollar loan.

In 2007 Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreement (ACSA) USA and Sri Lanka already accepted their land to use from both sides. But china growing investment in neighbouring countries is concern for Both India and America like China Mentality in south China Sea.

So we must look up deeply on military deal america srilnaka. We must support our neighbour when they are in trouble so that they cannot fall into trouble like this.