UPSSSC Current Affairs 28 July 2019 GST, Cars 24, IIT Madras, Indigo, Poet

UPSSSC Current Affairs 28 July 2019 you are watching SSC BANK GK of 28 July 2019-20 which is important in upcoming UPSC Prelims and Mains exam Current Affairs 28 July 2019. Recently Mohammad Amir has taken retirement to take citizenship if United Kingdom and Boris Johnson said to conduct Brexit before 31ST October 2019. This series is important in GK question asked in RSMSSB Scientific Assistant, MPHC HJS Suitable Test Online, Bihar BTSC Staff Nurse syllabus and NMRC Maintainer exam papers.

1. How much percentage GST council has decided to reduce GST Rate on Electrical Vehicle from 12 percent to which percentage ?
5 %.

2. Which Indian Air passenger carrier going to starts its operation in Vietnam, expand in China ?
Indigo, Air Passenger carrier. Indigo Air Passenger has expanded its seats in Asia, Europe and Middle East.

3. Which Scientist recently dies and in the 1972 he awarded with Noble Prize in physics for developing a pioneering theory of superconductivity ?
John Robert Schrieffer, He was 88 years old and Professor in Florida State University.

4. Which Indian-English poet to get the first Sahitya Akademi award and now the first Indian English poet to be made a fellow o the akademi ?
Jayanta Mahapatra, known for Indian-English poetry. Sahitya Akademi fellowship is one of the highest literary honor ever bestowed upon a English poet in India.

5. Which Indian Navy Ship Going to participate in Russian Navy day Parade ?
INS Tarkash.

6. Which support agreement India is looking to conclude and name of the country who involves in this agreements?
Military Logistics Support Agreements by the year end. India agreement with Australia, Japan and Russia.  India signed the (LEMU) Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Understanding with US in August 2016.

7. Which state is associated to Operation Khumaar to make 312 Panchayats tobacco Free ?
Rajauri, Jammu Kashmir.

8. Which company has been granted by Reserved Bank of India to operate its Non Banking Financial company license?
Cars 24.

9. Which Indian IIT Institute develops breath humidity sensors for wearable electronics ?
IIT Madras, Team lead by T Pradeep from the department of Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Technology.

10. How many times Central Reserve Police force observed its CRPF Raising day on 27 July 2019 ?

11. What is the Name of Niti Ayog CEO ?
Amitabh Kant.