SSC MTS Current Affairs 25 July 2019 Priti Patel, 2020 Olympic, Lipstick Month

SSC MTS Current Affairs 25 July 2019 AND Current Affairs SSC MTS 25 July GK Question Thursday we brings you important Analysis of Priti Patel posts in British Government, Japan 2020 Olympic Games, Lipstick Month. To solve puzzle and become master of current affairs may help you to pass civil service papers in General Knowledge section. People says if you good in GK than you have chance to become politician also and debate in News Channel. Below are some Current Affairs of 25 July 2019 both Banks, SSC Railway can prepare for it.

1. Britain Prime Minister recruited three MPs of Indian Origin as cabinet Minister?
Priti Patel: Job of Home Secretary in British Government.
Alok Sharma: Secretary of State for international development.
Rishi Sunak: chief Secretery to the Treasury. He is the Son in Law of billionaire NR Narayan Murthy, co founder of Infosys.

2. Name the Project of Apple Electric Car on Self Driving launched in year 2014?
Project Titan, New Electric Car Launching Date 2023.

3. Which of the Airline Company stop giving 200 ML plastic water bottles to flyers?

Vistara, now Plastic Bottles will be available environment friendly paper cups.

4. Which country will host 2020 Olympic Games?
Tokyo Summer Games 2020.

5. Which Country Issues medal (Bronze Silver Gold awards) made from Recycles materials collected from old electronics?
Japan, Metal extracted from Mobiles, Computers, and Weight of Olympic gold medal 556 and 450 grams.

6. On which spot India Rises on Global Innovation Index 2019?
Indian Rank on Global Innovation Index 2019 India has Jumped 5 places to 52nd position in Global Innovation Index 2019. This report published by UN World Intellectual Property Organization (INSEAD) and CII.

7. Whish State reserves Indias First Blood Oozing Tree?
Assam has duded to India botanical plant that produced blood type red resin used in medicine, Research discover cambodiana in Assam west karbi Anglong District.

8. Which Months Observing World Lipstick Month?

9. Which data now is used by Union Cabinet which allows use of that data for state scheme and subsidies?

Adhaar Data. (Adhaar Amendment Bill 2019)

10. Which country has started its free Visa Policy to help their country come again on economy track?
Srilanka free Visa Policy Country List 2019: Srilanka, India also included in Free Visa of Sri
Lanka, Total 39 countries can get Visa Free Home Facility on Srilanka, Thailand, European Country, Australia, Switzerland Cambodia, China, and Japan.