Railway Longest Electrified Tunnel : Important GK, Points

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Hyderabad Railway Longest Electrified Tunnel India Railway day by day is completing its agenda on providing better facility to its costumer. Previous days Railway announce to run private train between root of Delhi Lucknow Track where Rajdhani Express also runes and second steps taken by railway is to upgrade Shimla Toy Train with Switzerland Transparent Train that have glass finish to be look by both tourist and public by Railway. So Today we are discussing Indian Railway Longest Electrified Tunnel launching date, some facts about Indian Railway Longest Electric Tunnel, where it will starts its make over.

Note: India's longest railway tunnel through Pir Panjal mountain range of 18 km.

Indian Railway Longest Electrified Tunnel (18-km long Banihal-Qazigund ) already featured by National GEO Mega Structures and Discovery Channel mega Marvel. the first and last important benefits of any tunnel is to save time and distance. Yes if any train tunnel made in any world their primary objective is two make long distance into short distance.

Head of Longest Electrified Tunnel: South Central Railway (SCR)

1. Railway Yatri will now able to save time from Indias Longest electrified tunnel up to 5 hours.
2. Total Distance of Indian Railway new electric tunnel is 6.6 KM.
3. You can find Indias Longest electric tunnel in Cherlopalli and Rapuru stations (Obulavaripalli - Venkatachalam - Krishnapatnam Port).

4. Shape of Tunnel is like Horse Shoe.
5. The costs of tunnel is Rs 460 crore and its design created under New Australian Tunneling Method(NATM).
6. Indian Railway first time adopted Spring type Auto Tensioning Device (ATD) of South Korean which we used earlier conventional type ATD for maintaining necessary tension in OHE wires, for the first time in SCR.