Nokia 9 Pureview Top 10 Features, Specifications

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Nokia 9 Pureview On 10th July Grandfather of all Smartphone launched Nokia 9 Pureview to compete in market of Samsung Galaxy Note, Apple I phone and One Plus 7 Pro. If any body is looking to buy premium model in Nokia category then we recommend you to check review of Nokia 9 Pureview Smartphone. Here we are giving some important features in Nokia 9 Pureview that you may change your mind from samsung to Nokia or iphone to nokia.

Nokia 9 Pureview Top 10 Features: We cannot Judge any phone with its specification Jab Tak Haath Mein Nao. So it is better to visit nearest Nokia 9 Pureview Showroom or service to check Nokia 9 Pureview Review. Nokia is one of the oldest smartphone company who invented rocky type smartphone, which cant be broken after falling from 10th floor or throw it from airplane. Below are some important Nokia 9 Pure Specs on point basis:-

1. Nokia 9 Pureview contains 5 types of camera, which can shoot image on 5 real mode.
2. In Nokia 9 Pureview OS you directly gets Android 9 Pie update when you buy from any store plus 2 year warranty on updated if google comes with Android 11, Android 12.
3. It is experience Nokia body is as always as its old smartphone.
4. Featuring Qualcomm aptX one of best processor on current smartphone range of 50k.
5. pOLED 5.99 inch of screen display loaded under 2,000 resolution.
6. Nokia always remind you with its smartphone of N Series and Nokia 9 pureview is real example.
7. If you book Nokia 9 pureview on company website that Rs 5000 discounts + Nokia 705 earbuds limited period offer.
8. Wireless charging support, 128 gb of Storage and battery life 3230 MAH.
9. Waterproof.
10. It is capable of capturing 60 Megapixel of real data.