Nepal MBBS Fees for India Students, Nepal Medical College, Not Fit For Technical

Nepal MBBS Fees for India Students, Indian Students in Nepal Medical College, Nepal Medical University Latest News 10July, Indian Students Problem in Nepal Medical Schools

Indian Students in Nepal Medical College Many Indian take visa to study in Foreign medical college and large number of student take admission Russian Medical College, Australia, Japan, and Germany. But in our neighboring country Nepal who has taken all types of free trade, Visa without border is now changing its mood. Here is some important work that has been done by Nepal on friendship basis. Recently many Medical student of India complaint India authority that Nepal Medical University and College not taking reasonable money from them.

Nepal Medical College Indian Students Latest news 10 July More than 3,000 students of India go to Nepal and study medical course of MBBS, MS, MS, BDS etc but the costs medical fees taken from Indian Student rises 2 times compare to Local Nepali Medical Students. Situation becomes irrelevant when Indian Medical students in Nepal start giving back paper exam or their result online display as Not Fit For Technical.

How many Indian students are studying in Nepal: 3000.

Nepal MBBS Fees For Indian Students: Rs 60 to 70 Lakh has been taken from India student regards 
to medical course. But local Nepal Medical Students have to pay only Rs 20 to 30 Lakh.

1. Nepal Become first country to approve Mandarin Language in its School.
2. Nepal has not allowed Indian Vegetable after verification by its food inspector that it contain harmful chemical.
3. Nepal is going to buy some arms from China.