Nasas Dragonfly Mission to Search Life on Titan Moon

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NASAs Dragonfly Mission After searching life on Mars, space giant Nasa's have not accepted its defeat to search life in other planet which is our neighbor called Saturn. After Jupiter, Saturn is called 2nd largest planet in our solar system. The name of drone which will fly on ground of Titan moon is Copter. Total estimated costs this Nasa's copter drone is $ 1 Billion dollar. After 5 years 2026 copter will be ready to take off from Nasa's space station and it will land on Titan moon Nearly 2034.

Titan Dragonfly Mission of Nasas: Nasa's Dragon Fly mission is total icy but one of its part contains methane river which is important life substance released by living organism. Before Dragonfly mission nasa's sends cassini huygens mission to observe life on Titan Moon.

1. Titan is same as our Earth but problem it is very cold -179 degree.
2. Total Number of Saturn Moon is 62 Moon. In some books like NCERT recognized science books said 50+ moon but correct is 62 moons. 

Titan is Saturn largest moon is larger than Mercury planet. It is the only planet in our solar planet that have atmosphere on life requirement.

Name of the largest moon in our Solar Planet: Ganymede Satellite of Jupiter Planet. It is 9th Largest in our solar system.

Atmosphere of titan mission is so called that methane fall from sky.
It has possible ice volcanoes.
Titan has vast subterranean ocean about liquid water of 80 KM.
Dragon fly will travel up to 18 month of 175 KM Journey.