French Flying Soldier Price, Top Speed, Launching Date

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Today we are looking on Flying Soldier in the sky of France and French President greeted the citizen of France from its twitter handle regarding Flying Soldier. In National Day parade of France, people’s eyes was on 7th heaven when they recognized French Army Soldier flying in the sky through hover board and he have all types of weapons that used to save Humanity.

At the time when opening ceremony of the French Bastille Day military parade on July 14, 2019, in Paris. French defence industry has premiered a live demo of flying soldier using the Zapata Fly board. According to the French army, Special Forces carried out trial tests with this new type of equipment. Below are important features of Flying Army Soldiers:

Name of the Posts: Flying Soldiers.
Top Speed: 190 KMPH
Inventor: Franky Zapata.
Date of Showcase: 14 July 2019, Bastille-day-France-hoverboard-military-flyboard.

french flying army twitter

1. Flying Army Soldiers will be the most advance soldiers from his leg. Now with advance gun and capability if flying anywhere you can target anybody.

2. The speed of French Flying army soldiers is maximum 192 KM/Per Hour. In this speed Normal bullet train of Japan runs.

3. It was invented to use in water but after serious modification it can be use on land also mainly traffic police can chase people who broke traffic rules.

4. The Time Limit of flying soldiers according to Mr. Zapata is 10 Minutes.

5. $250,000 per unit price of every Flying soldier.

6. Flying soldier next target is to fly from English Channel.

7. It can fly up to 10,000 Ft with a top speed of 95 MPH.

Which country will buy Flying Soldiers from France: Flying Soldier inventor Mr. Zapata said US army in a talk with us to buy this Flying Robot.

Note: In Spiderman movie 2002 we have seen flying Villain where Green Goblin attacks the Festival scene.