First Private Train of India Tejas Express, Delhi Lucknow Route Railway Privatization

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First Private Train of India Tejas Express: Indian Railway is now in hurry mode to give its train to private partners or company who has experience in train operation throughout the country. You already know 100 days agenda of NDA government of Modi 2.0 that they have discussed briefly in its manifesto. Many railway employees are thinking they may soon get called as Private employee but it is not correct because Railway wants to check only service of private companies.

Tejas Express Private Train: The Question in UPSC, Bank Railway, SSC or other competitive exam may asked about the name of first Indian private train or name of the Route where private train rain  i.e. Tejas Express. In people to people meet contact with government many audience suggested to run private operator train along with government operated so govt accepted this proposal and in few days you will check new train running in route of Delhi Lucknow Tejas Express.

Delhi Lucknow Route Tejas Express: In 2016, Railway has signaled to run Delhi-Lucknow Tejas Express but due to some time table problem it was started in Railway New Time Table July 2019. One of Railway officer told about Tejas Express Arrival Departure time Tejas Express current location is in Anandnagar Railway Station. From there it will begin its journey.

1.Tejas Express is one the awaited train in Delhi Lucknow route.
2. After Khuli Boli of Tejas Express Train, it will be hand over to Private Operators.
3. Total 53 train runs in this route but there is no train for Rajdhani.
4.IRCTC has the responsibility to run 2 trains and later on one new train  running to direction of Arunachal/Guwahati/Havda.