Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, UPSC Basic Objective

Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019, Citizenship Act, 1955, UPSC Basic Objective Types Question on Citizenship Amendment Bill, Six Minorities of India, India Law on Citizenship Act 2019.

Citizenship Bill 2019 In Lok Sabha session Union Minister of State for home Nityanand Rai said about Citizenship Bill 2019 that our premium objectives is granting nationalities to Six Minorities community coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Three years before in 2016 bill was passed and it was referred to Joint Parliament Committee.

India Citizenship law: Citizen bill 2019 of India says if person from above countries are living in India are eligible to become citizen of India, if they even have not valid documents. Their may be some question asked in civil service IAS PCS exam that when citizenship bill of India introduced and under which committee CAB 2019 will be reviewed. On current time many opposition party is opposing this bill, in parliament argument they says," who ever living in India are citizen of India and in Indian Democracy every person should have Right to Act, Right to live.

1. Citizenship Amendment Bill was taken into consideration and passed by Lok Sabha on 8 January 2019.
2. Three countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh) are registered in India 2019 Citizenship Amendment Bill. 
3. How Many Minorities are in CAB 2019: Six Minorities.
4. Law under Citizen Amendment bill says Citizenship Act, 1955 Candidates are eligible only if they migrated from these states and proved valid document and nature.
5. 41,331 Pakistani nationals and 4,193 Afghan nationals belong to six minorities are registered in India.