PM Modi Yoga on International Yoga Day 21 June 2019, History, Live Update

PM Modi Yoga on International Yoga Day 21 June 2019, Yoga History, Live Update on Narendra Modi Yoga, Yoga Current Affairs, and Yoga related question asked in written exam, Yoga Courses, Yoga admission in Ignou.

PM Modi Yoga Live Update 2019, here we are sharing some important general knowledge on International yoga Day. 5 years before Prime Minister Narendra Modi submit proposal of Yoga to celebrate as International Yoga Day and 177 UN Recognize country out f 193 countries accepted to make Yoga International Day on 21st June. Today we are celebrating our 5th International Yoga day and Prime Minister Narendra is doing Yoga in Ranchi District of Jharkhand.

PM Modi Latest Statement on Yoga: PM Narendra Modi advice all community to make Yoga in integral part of Life. Yoga is not related to religion, it is above religion caste, gender and region. Event of Yoga held in Jharkhand with more than 40,000 trained Yoga trainer who performed various Asanas.

Note: The International Yoga day is celebrated from 21 June, SINCE 2015.

Why Yoga is Celebrated on 21 June 2019: According to science in North Pole 21st June is the largest day of year and in most countries 21 June is some special day. If we look up Indian Point of view than Lord Shiva starts teaching people about yoga science and its health benefits after that Lord Shiva become AdiGuru.

This is First time in history that any country proposal accepted within 90 days of time and highest number of country support with India i.e. 177 countries out of 193 country.

How Yoga Word Name: The name of Yoga word originated from Sanskrit word Uz. The meaning of Use to connect your soul with Body. Maharishi Patanjali has written book yoga named Patanjali Yoga Sutra. This books is also called important script related to Yoga Science.

Health Benefits of Yoga:

  1. Help you to improve blood circulation.
  2. Eradicate Oldness.
  3. Make New Cells
  4. Make your eyes visible more bright and clear.
  5. Good Digestion.
  6. According to nature Yoga held your day to day live control from your mind and body.
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