Pakistan Defence Budget Cuts From Air Force, Navy and Army, Imran Khan

Pakistan Defence Budget Cuts, Imran Khan on Pakistan Military Shot down Its Budget Latest News Pakistan Cuts Defence Budget on 5 June 2019 from its Air Force, Navy and Army Pakistan Defence Budget Latest News 6 June, Pakistan Media on India.

Pakistan Military Shot down Its Budget Happy Eid to all our Friends, Today we have defence news from Pakistan who recently cuts its Military budget to avoid economic crisis which is on last platform for coming to Pakistan. Pakistan DG ISPR Major said to his media two things first one is Cutting defence budget to look up Disputed Baluchistan and Second Indian Media starts working to make Pakistan defence budget. On current time Pakistan need high amount of investment from all around the world but due to financing of terrorism many business tycoon don’t want to invest in Pakistan. From Geo to Dawn to Samaa to Dunyanews, every news of Pakistan start searching some Indian defence so that they can compare their Pakistan Military Budget.

Pakistan Defence Budget: On 5th June Imran Khan said the money saved from Pakistan Military will be spend in Tribal areas and construction of Baluchistan. However after some short interval Pakistan Major General DG ISPR (Inter Service Public Relation) tweeted on twitter that we will not bargain on country security and safety. Pakistan Military will collect this budget from 3 defence wings i.e. Army Navy Air Force.

Why Pakistan cuts in Military Budget: From Popular YouTube channel Gyan Jara Hatkey, Study IQ Question, Review Master Vikrant etc you can see detailed knowledge on Pakistan Defence Budget. We all know Pakistan Defence budget is for India and Israel and Pakistan recently purchased Made in China J-17 Thunder for its military on a high interest loan.

INFLATION Rate in Pakistan: Public of Pakistan is facing huge amount of Inflation on daily consuming products. In March inflation rate of Pakistan is 9.41 which are believed to be very high. Rate of Petrol in Pakistan is 112 Per Liter; Diesel Rate in Pakistan is Rs 126.

Forex Reserve in Pakistan: Forex reserve of Pakistan is nearly 10 Billion dollar which he manages after help of Saudi Arabia, China and UAE with 58 Billion dollar loan. To pay all types of Debts Pakistan need 17 Billion dollar and IMF reports says Pakistan don’t have respected amount of money to run its economy.  IMF already said 6 Billion dollar of International Monetary Fund should not be used to pay loan of China.