How to Control Diabetes with Diet, Yoga and Treatment, Indian Style

How to Control Diabetes with Diet Latest News on Diabetes Treatment with Yoga an, Indian Style Yoga Diabetes Cure o Type 1 and Type 2 diabetic food chart. How to Control diabetes with Fruit and Daily diet on diabetes in Hindi.

Diabetes now becomes family member of India which is transferring from Grand Father to Father and it’s Family. In our Family we are called Diabetic Family and whenever 1 member goes to hospital or call doctor for some treatment then Guardian always said to check blood sugar. Diabetes can be control with proper guidance, eating food, daily exercise and treatment. If you go toilet between 10 to 20 minutes than there is 80 percent chances you are in stage 1 diabetes but don’t upset yourself and it can be control with normal remedies and diabetes advice from doctor.

Verification of Blood Sugar: In Latest Health Technology various blood sugar checking machine now available for analyzing your blood sugar level in the body and when your sugar level cross the limit than doctor gives some medicines and pills to take on time and never miss it. Doctor believes controlling sugar level will remedy your diabetes problem but it is not permanent solution for all patients who are watching our article on how to control blood sugar with food chart or reading in Hindi.

How to Control Diabetes with Diet: Many people say eating Purple Color Skin Fruit can control your diabetes and it is not necessary how much you can eat. Eating fast food, Unbalanced Diet, High Amount of Calories can lead to effect with other disease also. Normal shopkeeper where you eat fast food, they don’t use quality food.

Jamun: This is evergreen purple color berry found in Indian evergreen forest in season of June to July Last week. Jamun Berry is Medicine for Diabetes from its juice to inside jelly.

Other Important Indian Vegetable and Fruits which used to cure medicine of Diabetes: Bitter Guard, Neem Berry, Haran, Trifala and Ayurvedic Medicine.

How to Control Diabetes with Exercise and Yoga: Daily watches PM Modi Yoga Video and Ask your body to get up early in the morning for walking.

1. Take Long Breath 100 times in a day.
2. Take 2 massage in a week.
3. For Best result, you should take one day fast in Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday time.