Ford Figo Aspire Touch Screen 2019 Price Vs Hyundai I 10 Vs Maruti Suzuki Ignis

Ford Figo Aspire Touch Screen 2019 Price Check here latest news function of Ford Figo Aspire Comparison with  Hyundai I 10 Vs Maruti Suzuki Ignis Vs Beleno.

Ford Figo Aspire Touch Screen 2019 On 20th June we went to city to look up some new car, as our mother wants to buy a new car so that we can anywhere with family. Like if we wanted to go Chitrakoot, Ajanta Alora, Prayagraj Kumbh or any picnic than we have to book a car like Innova, Ertiga, Honda Mobilio or Mahindra car which will costs more than Rs 8,000 rupees from fuel to other charges. Driver always charges you in a different manner for example he will say RUNNING AC costs Rs 500 + more. Below are my experience shared after getting great experience.

Hyundai I 10: One of my relative have this car, so our minds let us check this car it seems like big and our family may seat it but our family completes 6 members + including 2 dogs (1 German Shepherd + 1 Pavilion). The Price of Hyundai I 10 was something around Rs 7 Lakh and if you are government employee than Rs 15 to 30,000 off.

Ford Figo Aspire 2019: This was a great experience i will share, it has some special features like Touch screen like mobile google map, backdoor camera, anti locking system etc. While riding on a road we saw Ford titanium so we wanted to scan this car from our eyes as we India always check mobile, car, vegetable before buying it. The costs of Ford Figo Aspire is nearly Rs 8 Lakh 30,000.

Anti Lock System

Interior Design of Ford Figo Aspire 2019 Latest Version: Baap of all car at this price

Maruti Ignis: The best specification of this car is only ground clearance + 1200 CC engines make this car more powerful. Its front looks like a suv type feeling and my parent was impress to this car from rate to comfort. More than 50,000 units were sold in 3 to 4 months.

Maruti Suzuki Beleno: It has some international feeling. Beleno has more space from wheel, size, weight and sitting purpose. If you buy top beleno car than it will complete in Rs 9 Lakh.