Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency Features in Hindi, Money Transfer, Open Account

Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency Features in Hindi,  How to apply for Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency Money Transfer, Open Account of Facbook Libra Bank account, document required to fill Local Facebook Libra account, Facebook Cryptocurrency latest news in  Hindi.

Facebook Libra CryptoCurrency Update: Facebook Unveils Global Libra Cryptocurrency payment system to all its users of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messengers users on 18th June 2019.  From One year company is working on FB Libra Cryptocurrency payment system to publish it or not as many countries banned to accept publicly crypto currency system but now facebook has launched its crypto currency named Libra Payment gateway system than we will soon check more and more company may come in front of you with new crypto currency payment apps. Facebook has tie up some its important tech friends such as Master Card and Uber including other 28 companies who were present in launching centers of Libra Cryptocurrency.

Facebook Libra CryptoCurrency Features in Hindi: The Main facebook Libra crypto currency is user friendly as it means you don’t need to make different account to transfer. You can transfer your FB Libra Crypto currency from facebook social networking companies Instagram, Whatsapp, Messengers.
  1. How to se Libra: As Calibra
  2. Is this Safe: Number of Privacy, Live Support.
  3. Is Facebook sell your libra account data: Facebook will keep your data on security basis.
Facebook Libra Crypto Currency Account:  User WHO OPEN account of Libra Cryptocurrency will get live supports from Facebook team on how to maintain digital wallet account of Facebook Libra.

Facebook Libra Crypto Currency Charges: Facebook will not charged to send money from place to another and Faceebook CEO Mark Zuckeberg believes from all over the world people are going to get open bank account based on cryptocurrency.

Company this is global crypto currency which is made in technique of block chain. People can transact their money, receive, spend money and save their money in Libra Crypto currency account.

Launching Date Facebook Cryptocurrency Payment system: Facebook said in a tech Meeting that we only given green signal to launch this system and within 6 to 8 month e will make this system live in all our platform belongs to Messengers, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

Make Money with Sharing Date on Facebook: You can make money with facebook if you share your data history telephone calls, emails, how you use internet.