DSRA Recruitment 2019 Defence Space Research Agency, India Space War

DSRA Recruitment 2019 India Latest News on Defence Space Research Agency, India Space War New Agency DSRA after DRDO, News jobs opening and current Affairs on DSRA Full Form India Space Research Organization.

DSRA Recruitment 2019 Like DRDO, who is famous for exploring high technology and sending various satellites to space? Now DSRA organization is approved by Modi 2.0 government to make advance technology in future space war. DSRO Full Form is Defence Space Research Exploration and DRDO stands for (Defence Research Development Organization). Indian Army is capable of defeating its enemy from Akash, Jal and Dharti and now it will fight its enemy from Space also because PM Modi cabinet made budget to make task force, scientist, and young entrepreneur in new agencies called Defence Space Research Agency.

Defence Space Research Agency: Under make in India process and with the help of Israel, America and Russia, DSRO objective is to fulfill the needs of Advance Galaxy War, Iron Men type equipment required during Space War. Agency in first phase makes various types of drones, cyber space internet satellite, Nano Intelligence Satellite etc.

  1. US ASAT Missile Test: 13th September 1985.
  2. Soviet Union: In 1986 IS System Attacking a Target.
  3. China ASATs: On 5 February 2018 China Tested exoatmospheric ballistic missile.
  4. Russia ASATS: Successful Flight Test took place on 18 November 2015.
DSRA Scientist Recruitment 2019: In this agency new team of scientist will take important feedback from Indian Army, Air Force on what thing should scientist focus during research, making rockets, missiles and Indias Anti Space Doctrine. On 27 March 2019 India has tested its first Anti Satellite Missile (A-SAT) through which one missile destroys in space. This Achievement of Space Missile Destruction of Missile with an Anti Missile has only leaded by Soviet Union, America, China, Israel and India.