Drone Pilot Jobs in India, Salary, Job Profile, 1 Lakh Openings

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Drone Jobs: You have seen Delivery Boy/Girls, Postmen and Van which deliver products in your home. Here is good news for you Drone Committee of India is looking to create jobs opportunities for Indian Job Seeker. In India whenever new technology related to robot came, than people start believing it will cut millions of jobs. In this Drone Technology, more than 1 Lakh jobs are expected to be created and one of the best jobs in Drone Company is Drone Pilot. Indias Industrial Organization believes with in 4 to 5 years Drone Industry of India growth simultansly.

Drone Pilot Jobs in India: Some Important fields that you like and 100% we think you start taking diploma course on Drone. Ariel Photography, Cinematography, Kheti (Farming), 3D Modeling, Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing Sector. FICCI India research says India becoming largest importer exporter of Drone in 4-5 years. Below are some important points that India Achieve after jobs Entry of Drone.

1. World’s largest user of Drone in all over world will be India.
2. World’s Largest Factory that make drone for all sector is in India.
3. 1 Lakh Jobs.

Educational Qualification: There is drone pilot remote certificate given under Amazon, EBay and other E commerce company operating in India.

Age Limit: Minimum 18 years is requirement to enter in sector Drone.

Salary of Drone Pilot: Drone runs with Petrol of Electric charge and flying it required some brain, so that brain could not be empty sooner. Salary of Drone Pilot is not limited Normal drone pilot receives 24$ per hour and maximum $ 54,000 per year.