Darvesh Yadav Biography UP First Female Bar Council President

Darvesh Yadav Biography Latest News on UP First Female Bar Council President Darvesh Yadav, Manish Sharma Agra District Court Lawyer, Darvesh Yadav Latest News.

Darvesh Yadav Latest News 2019 Breaking News from Agra is UP First Female Bar Council President Shot dead in Court Parisar. The Abhiyukt Manish Sharma with License pistol murders her in District Court of Agra. As per news 3 rounds fired by Advocate Manish Sharma who have both good communication from a long time. After killing Darvesh Yadav, Manish Sharma also first pistol in his ear for suicide, due to murder of Darvesh Yadav, many bar association in UP is closed on 13th June 2019.

Darvesh Yadav Biography: Darvesh Yadav has completed its LLB from Agra University and belongs to Etah Region. She was practicing in Agra Court from 2004. Where she met Manish Sharma, who highly supported her for competing its ambition. Manish Sharma also campaigned for her during election of Bar Council and lawyers still don’t imagine what Manish Sharma has done o Darvesh Yadav. In bar council election of Allahabad Darvesh Become chairperson with Hari Shankar Singh on Tie basis for 6 months. After some time she become UP First Women Bar Council Chairperson. On 12th June she was celebrating her win for both in Prayagraj as a Chairperson Women and first to become bar council.

First woman President of the Uttar Pradesh Bar Council: Darvesh Yadav.

  1. On 9th June: Darvesh Yadav elected president of the bar.
  2. On 12th June: Murder of Darvesh Yadav in Agra District Court.
  3. On 13th June: Rs 50 Lakh had been hand over to victim’s family.
Agra Court Darvesh Yadav Before Darvesh Yadav Murder there were heavy mouth words spoken from both Lawyers on some issues, this is said by one of the opposite chamber where incident took place. After some time Manish come from Darvesh Yadav chamber and start loading bullet to make crime. Three bullets he shot to her and 4th bullet he uses it for him. The condition of Manish Sharma is also critical and he is in ICU.

General Secretary of Agra Bar Association says,” both have good relation from any years and this is UN believable that one friend shot another beloved friend.