Ajit Doval Biography, Medicine of Pakistan Terrorism, Article 35 A, Hijackers

Ajit Doval Biography Latest News on Ajit Doval, Medicine of Pakistan Terrorism in India, NSA Ajit Doval Article 35 A, Hijackers Story of Ajit Doval, How Ajit Doval Reach Pakistan.

Ajit Doval Cabinet Rank of 5 years: The Name When comes to powerful security agent of India and the name when come in every Pakistani mind that search story of how he enters in Pakistan is Ajit Doval. We have seen in many Pakistani news channels who speaks Ajit Doval as Ajit Devil. If many don’t know the name and full form of Indian Secret Agencies and Worlds Number Secret Agencies than its name is RAW (Research and Analysis Wings) and Mosad (Israeli Secret Agency). Ajit Doval is current National Security Advisor and he has done taken much achievement through his work and bravery to be called as James Bond of India.

Ajit Doval is First Police Officer who received Kirti Chakra. From His background we can vision he must have blood relation with Army and Nationalism like Sunny Deol who break the Hand pump in Pakistan. His Father GN Doval was Army Major and his first education begins in India Army School, Ajmer, and Rajasthan. He has completed its education from Agra University as Master in Economic and soon chosen as IPS Cadre from Kerala.

Ajit Doval From 1971 to 1999 there were 15 Hijacking carried out by terrorist and every time Ajit Doval name comes first to discuss this matter to Kidnappers. He has formed Joint Task Force on Intelligence but also gave his service to Intelligence Bureau and Multi Agency Center. After Retirement from IPS Cadre he was appointed as Nideshak of IB and in 2014 He received his dream posts as National Advisor from India.

In His 37 Year Career He demolished the Miso National Front Group that wants to make separate Nation. But there are also some popular name which students should know on how India must be unite and why India need Ajit Doval Type of Men.

In service period of Ajit Doval, India become more Unite through below things:

1. Integration of Sikkim to India.
2. Cut the Funding Plus support of Khalistan from Pakistan ISI Agency to India.
3. To save golden temple from terrorist he operated successful thunder Bolt operation.
4. 7 Year High commission service in Pakistan.
5. To stop the terrorism in Kashmir he made Ekhwan Ul Musalman Group.
6. He will be playing major role in cutting foreign funding in Kashmir and removal of Article 35 A.

How Ajit Doval Reach Pakistan: To Search the clue of Terrorism we can see the news channel of Pakistan but to stop the terrorism from Pakistan to India Ajit Doval become secret agent. Some people says he has also taken plastic surgery and learn Urdu, Become Muslim to find some intelligence things.

Note: Medicine for Terrorism, Hijackers, and Naxalite is Ajit Doval.Thoughts and Famous Words of Ajit Doval is Country Security First.