Advantage of Joint Family Today, Problems and Benefit of Nuclear Family

Advantage of Joint Family Today Essay on Merit and Demerit of Combined Family Problems and Benefit of Nuclear Family Vs Joint Family, Advantage and Disadvantage of Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family, Write an essay Join Family.

Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family: Joint Family is culture of India where we respect our Grand Parents, Mother Father, Sister, Brother and Uncle and love to children. Living in Joint family is like a Star plus Serial Khichdi which every Actor and Actors perform their task according to posts after they born. Like Grand Parent maintains Peace, Love and Eco Friendly environment which helps to bound all family rooms with Gangur Cement. Below are important point related to Joint Family Benefits to People and Problem Faced by Person in Joint Family.

Benefits of Joint Family: Indias Unity is Diversity. Nobody can touch us if we are living together and people will also respect us if they listen that we are belonging to Indira the Tiger Khandan.
1. In Joint Family Women (Housewife) have responsibility to look up kitchen, Preparing Children for School. Housewife is like Government of India that can demolished the family and can motivate us to make CEO of any company. So we should respect every woman and look up her problem faced by her in golden times and black days.

2. TALKING ABOUT Grand Father and Mother. They have responsibility to fill the needs of Children, Adult and giving some moral stories, advice. Our grandparents can help us to follow our culture which attached to Grand Grand Parents (Our Ancestors’) do.

3. Third Advantage of Extended family is you are protected from all evils like thieves wants to snatch your happy life. You have to tell all types of things in dinner time and also talk to your grand parents.

Advantages of Nuclear Family: We do not support nuclear family but have seen some people who are on top after extracting themselves from Joint family.

1. We have always listen from our father and mother, when we do some faults and in reply they say go and make your life separate and then come to home. Some Children take deeply and accomplish and conquer their path of success.

2. In Nuclear there is no burden of family and how many children you want. You can spent more money and save for futures. But problem occur when somebody is watching your luxury life from face book to YouTube to through other sources.

3. Without any boundation go where ever you wants, you are called free bird and horse that can be invested in any deal.

Merit and Demerit of Joint family: So it is better to become part of Joint family before watching nuclear family program. Joint family is best way to watch movies, play games and spent your time with Uncle Nani Nana, Mom Dad, and Sis Bros etc.