Time Magazine on PM Modi, Manoj Ladwa Mode Unites All and Aatish Taseer

Time Magazine on PM Modi, Latest News on Manoj Ladwa Times Magazine Article Mode Unites All and Aatish Taseer Biography Freelancer of Time Magazine describe Modi as Divider in Chief.

Time Magazine on PM Modi Latest News 29 May the damage control of time magazine after Prime Minister Narendra Wins the Election. On 29th May Time Magazine said PM Modi is United India in Chief. Recently one of Pakistani Writer written about PM Modi that He is DIVIDER IN Chief under the cover page of Time Magazine. From our Indian People should not take seriously Time Magazine because they always right some Negative speech against any Nationalist Party of the World. In India largest number of Subscriber reads India Today, Pratiyogita Darpan, Femina and Business Today,

Time Magazine Aatish Taseer Said about PM Modi (Divider in Chief): The biography of Aatish was not so good as you are thinking. You may call him affected as Family Divider in chief. His Father was Pakistani who has been murdered by his body guard in Blasphemy case and Mother was Indian Nation. Mother name of Aatish Taseer is Tavleen singh and he has taken nationality as India.  He always criticized current government of India that India is no more secular country. You can see his writing Network Time about Article on Nehru, Lynching, Inequality in India where he praised by many journalist on his writing. He don’t know what Indian wants from the world.

Note: Aatish said in Article Modi Economic Miracle Failed and he created atmosphere of religion nationalism in India.

Time Magazine Manoj Ladwa Writer (Unites All): But after 23rd May when majority of India chooses PM Modi as Prime Minister than suddenly Time magazine change its mind with his new writer that published new article of United India as India Received PM Modi who unites all. Manoj LADWA said PM Modi belongs to backward caste that have broken dynasty of Indira Nehru after 70 years. By profession Manoj Ladwa is businessmen who are founder and ceo of British Based Media Company.

Note: Manoj said Modi has made many social progressive policies like Gas Scheme, Ayushman Health Card Scheme, and Farmer Kisan Samman Yojana which can improve poverty of poor people