Story of Asia Bibi, One Cup Water May Force You Leave Pakistan

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Asia Bibi is Christian Women from Pakistan; Punjab District of Sheikhpura Region mostly 99% Muslim dominated area. The Story of Asia Bibi is like a Inspirational Video for people who want changes in Pakistan Majority Community which can help Pakistan people to remove from the UN Recognized Terrorist List. In May 2019, many believes Asia Bibi shifted to Canada that have largest number of Pakistan Community leaving their. We have recently check Face book Twitter comment from PAKISTANI Canadian People who welcomes Asia Bibi with Love Hand.

Asia Bibi Story of One Cup Water: From Asia Bibi is Christian who follows Roman Catholic Religion. Talking to many Secular Channel she said we are the only one Christian Women Living in Punjab Sheikhpura District. She and Her Family work on daily wages n Field and Construction. She said,’’ Many people forced me to convert her religion to Islam but I never do it.

That One Cup Water: The Incident Happen on 14 June 2009, when she was going to collect Falsa Fruits. Due to Very hot climate she becomes thirsty and start searching water near her and she also found one well about 100 meters away. After drinking water from well another women urged her to give water. Now the story starts from this line 3rd women is watching far away from her home and advice second women no to drink water from Christian which is against Islam.

Asia Bibi Replied to That Women who says this is Haram,’’ Both Jesus Christ and Paigambar Muhammad will see our water drinking method through different ways. Public gathering now started and people start beating her than police came there to save Asia Bibi from Extremist people.

Article Published in Amar Ujala Paper on 11 May 2019

Asia Bibi Got Arrested and Receiving Death Threat from Radical People: People say in angry mode How Dare you to talked about our Paigambar Muhammad. They start harassing her and force her to change religion as soon as possible.

1. She said I believe in Christianity and don’t change religion.

2. Jesus Christ Sacrifices him for humanity.
3. Radical Islamic People openly issuing Fatwa of Death to her.
4. More than 2 or 3 year Pakistan Court unable to work on her case die to pressure on Pakistani Radical People.
5. But in 2015 She Appealed in Pakistan Supreme Court to release her for bail and Supreme Court granted her bail in 2018.
6. Now she is living in permanently in Canada and wants some rules must be change for minority community Hindu, Sikh, Christian, and Jews.