Pakistan Doctor Arrested To Make Real 500 HIV Aids Patients, 437 Children 100 Adults

HIV Patients in Pakistan: On 17th May 2019 Pakistan Health Department arrested The Doctor from Larkana District. According to Number revealed by Ministry of Health there are 430 Children and 100 Adults Discovered positive.Sikander Memon, Holds the important posts of Aids Control Programme in Sindh Province said to popular News magazine that screening test completed for 16,000 people from Larkana and 437 Children less than 5 years and 100 adults tested Positive for HIV.

AIDS in Pakistan: The Incident Took Place in Larkana, Southern Pakistan dramatically started when one of Patients Name Muzaffar Ghangharo, Who has Aids, Infected Patients of 2 month Before April 2019. He was arrested and police are investigating whether He spreading disease in his region or something else happen.

437 Children, 100 Adults Diagnosed with HIV Positive.
District: Larkana, Southern Pakistan.

HIV Children in Pakistan District Larkana: 10 Years Child Women who was in a deep pain and unable to express its desire when she got the certificate on HIV Positive Patients.  This News Update in Hindi we will publish tomorrow with image and some detailed knowledge and article. He Child was down with Fever and she went to doctor for checkup, similarly some more children from her also came there for checkup in hospital where she was but doctor said fever has tested positive with HIV.

Health Condition in Pakistan: Pakistan who not able to erase Polio disease due to Radical Extremism, Education. India has already cancelled Visa to Pakistani Patients because of Terrorism. Bad Economic condition makes Rs to 150 against dollar.