Masood Azhar on UN Terrorist List, 1 May, Pakistan Jaish-e-Mohammed leader

Masood Azhar on UN Terrorist List Latest News 2 May 2019, On 1 May Pakistan Jaish-e-Mohammed leader Masood is on UNSC Terrorist List 2019.

Masood Azhar on UN Terrorist List: Finally China has Recognized Masood Azhar as Terrorist which can help Pakistan to make document of FATF Grey List so that it can avoid sanctions from international Community. According to Indian Community China Stopped adding Masood Azhar in UN Terror List due to China Pakistan Economic Corridor because China Believes Pakistan instituted in border of European countries.

Who is JEM: JEM Full form is Jaish E Mohammad. The Correct evidence cum proof found when in 1999 one of three men set free in exchange of passenger of Plane. Indian airlines planes was hijacked by Taliban supported by Pakistan ISI Intelligence agencies to support Kashmir Millitant.You may also check latest news in Hindi on Masod Azhar Listed below.

India China Gapped Due to Masood Azhar: India Always blames China for playing game on Terrorist as well as Terrorist. On one side China continuous stopping rights of Uyghur Muslim and on other hand its stopping Masood Azhar listed as terrorist by UN. India has provided all types of evidence related to Mumbai Attacks, Pulwama Attack, and Airplane Hijack made by Masood Azhar but due to China who is member of Five Security council; always use its power to make profit of it.

India Should is Member of Security Council: Many Members of United Nation Security Council always wants some changes in UNSC Seats because it is very outdated and balance of power is now changed and India becomes of third largest economy in the world. In 1 or 2 days before More than 200 American companies wants to shift their Factory to India because of Cheap Labor.

Masoo Azhar Attack List 2019:

  1. 1 October 2001, Jammu Kashmir Vidhan Sabha. 38 People Died.
  2. 13 December 2001, Indian Parliament Attack. 14 People Died,
  3. January 2002, Kidnapped Wall Street Journal Jounaralist Daniel Perl & Killed
  4. June 2002 Attacked on America Dootavas, 40 People Injured, 11 People Died.
  5. 2 January 2006, Attack on Pathankot Air Base,  India. 7 Soldiers, 1 Local died.
  6. 18 September 2016 Attacked on Indian Army Head Quarter, 19 Soldiers Died.
  7. Pulwama Attack, 40 Soldiers Died in 2019.