Kala Gehu Ki Kheti, Price New Variety, Black Wheat, Pink Wheat for Sugar Patients

Kala Gehu Ki Kheti Latest Black Wheat Seeds for Farming Price New Variety, Black Wheat Ki Kheti, Pink Wheat for Sugar Patients and Cholesterol, Kisan Beej Anudan.

Kala Gehu Price New Variety Developed by Scientist, Black Wheat and Pink Wheat for Sugar Patients. People are facing problem of Diabetes and Cholesterol related disease from family background than they are soon getting good news of eating products of Black Wheat. In Market Famer can able to buy pink wheat and black wheat as soon as possible. Department of Agriculture and Biotechnology students cum scientist invented these seeds and scientist claims this Pink and Black Variety Gehun ka Beej contains more mineral than Normal Brown seed.

Kala Gehun Price: Senior Scientist of National Agri Biotechnology Institute Monika Garg and Its Team told about health benefit of Black Wheat Roti can win war with Diabetes and Cholesterol. The scientist patent this Black Wheat and Pink Wheat Seeds so nobody can made or copy products.

Name of the Team Who invented black seeds: Monika Garg.

Location of Centers: Mohali, National Agri Biotechnology Institute.

How to Buy Black Wheat: In Hindi Kala Gehu Kaisey Kharidey, With in 2 or 3 month Black wheat and pink wheat come in the market and scientist have also tie up with ten companies who makes Black Heat seeds in nursery.

Health Benefits of Black Wheat: Main profit of eating Black wheat chapatti, bread is you may get all types of vitamin, minerals contains black color fruit such as Kala Jamun, Blue Berry, Black Grapes.

Important Minerals Founds in Black Wheat:
1. Features of Anti Oxidant connected to Tea.
2. Helps to maintain cell in Body who secure us to fight with Cancer, Heart Disease, and Oldness.
3. Anthocynin, Vitamin, Khanij and Protein.