Italy Journalist on Balakot Air Strike Real Proof, Israel Spice 2000 Bombs

Italy Journalist on Balakot Air Strike Real Proof, Francesca Marino Journalist write on Magazine about Balakot Air Strike. Latest News on Balakot Air Attack by IAF uses Israel Spice 2000 Bombs.

Italy Journalist on Balakot Air Strike: One of Italy Women Journalist has confirmed that Air Strike conducted by Indian Air Force has deeply affected terrorist camps. After comment by International Journalist named Francesca Marino many political leader talking credit on Balakot Air Strike to win latest election in India that is on last stage.  Indian Air Force heavily used Israel Spice Bomb 2000 to target terror camp operating from Pakistan Border on February 26, killed more than 130 to 170 JeM Terrorist, according to an Italian Journalist.

Balakot Air Strike Latest News May 2019: Indian Air Force has given all types of proof to Pakistan on Balakot Air Strike and as well as International Community also but Pakistan Army General don’t given positive remarks on this but said there was no casualties to civilian. From India side Opposition Party always wants proof from Indian Air Force on Balakot Air Strike and Uri Attack by Indian Army.

Italy Journalist Francesca Marino: Italian Journalist wrote an online editorial in Stringer Asia Magazine about Balakot Air Strike. Journalist has no boundary, they can roam anywhere with the permission of Country where they wants. Pakistan Army invited many journalist after 15 to 20 days but some clue was identified and she also visited hospital where treatment going on Balakot Air Strike Affected Person.

Below are the important Lines mentioned by Famous Italian Journalist Francesca Marino, what she said check below:-

1.46 People still in critical mode and taking treatment to get well soon.
2. Jaunralist said through linking one of sources, “Pakistan Army unit from Shinkiari reached the location after 2.30 Hours. Mostly local civilian says army visited affected area 6 AM.
3.20 People died with serious injuries in Hospital.