EVM VVPAT Machine Latest News 2019 VVPAT Full Form, Poll Booth Strong Room

EVM VVPAT Machine Latest News 2019 How EVM Work in India, What is the VVPAT Full Form, EVM Machine Tampering Poll Booth to Strong Room.

EVM Machine Latest News 2019 mostly all Opposition party moves to Election Commission of India for matching 100 Percent EVM Machine to VVPAT Parchi but them only get satisfaction on lollipop by Election commission officer. As they said we will not do any type of things which are not in our rule and also said to all opposition party parties to not waste our time as we are busy in solving EVM related problem. In this Lok Sabha Election EVM hacking, Security on EVM strong Room was major trending topic in India. Vipakshi Dal wants 100% EVM Check but later Election Commission refused it.

VVPAT Full Form: The Full Form of VVPAT is voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) system that helps you to know your Vote or where you voted. Whenever Voters push the button of BJP Congress, SP, Gathbandhan Party candidates signs their vote directly visible to VVPAT Machine which is also good to know. Below are work of EVM Machine, VVPAT Machine describe by Latest Newspaper Named Hindustan.

Balloting Unit: This Unit you can see on your left side that have Party Leader Name and ts Symbol Sign (Chunav Chinha). Voters (Matdata) who wants this party should win than they have to press Blue Button.

Control Unit: This Unit of EVM Machine is Most Important Unit called Control Unit. Matdan Adhikari of your room has this Control Unit. Cotrol Unit has Display, Battery, Result and Ballet Section. The main work of Matdan Adhikari is to re activate it aft
er every signal vote silently. So that other voter can get right of Vote.

Note: Both Balloting Unit and Control Unit is connected to 5 Meter Wire.

VVPAT: This unit is used to verify the verification of Voters to its party. VVPAT is same as Printer that gives details information on voting.

EVM Hacking Latest News 2019: In India all oppostion party united to defeat BJP Party and everyday you can see the temper of Opposition party against NDA.

EVM Machine Country: You can also say invention of EVM is in India and many developed country still uses old rule of Paper voting as they believe it may not be hacked.