BOL Channel in Pakistan Zaid Hamid , One of the Worst Channel, Abusive Language Against India

BOL Channel in Pakistan Zaid Hamid  Latest Video 26 April One of the Worst Channel, BOL Channel Encouraging Abusive Language Against India, Pakistan Media on India Latest News.

BOL Channel in Pakistan Today Viral Video is trending in all India that shows a Pakistan News Anchor Fiza and Zaid Ahmad is using very abusive language against India. Zaid Hamid is Using all types of Words, Matters from Medieval period and claiming we have organized all types of terrorist activities in India.

Zaid Hamid IN  BOL Channel Pakistan: Fiza Khan who is replaced by Amir Liyaquat that is working on making films on Burhan Wani with Pakistan Film Makers. Zaid Hamid who is political commentar from Pakistan who always speaks harsh language against India.

Pakistan Media on India Latest News 3 May 2019: According to Wikipedia, number of Pakistani Journalist, writers and scholar have criticed zaid hamid to hat top hate speech against Minority .But recently while watching YouTube we found Bol News Network Channel that telecast aisy nhi chalega.

Zaid Hamid Jail in Saudi Arabia: In 2005  Zaid Hamid Arrested in Saudi Arabia for making speech against Saudi Government. After committing crime he gets More than 1,000 Lashes and 8 years sentenced to jail by Saudi Government but he was not stopped.

Zaid Hamid Latest Speech 2019:  Says Mohammad Declared War on India and he believes India will soon come in Sharia Lia. If Hindus don’t come to Islam. He is Banned in India and many western countries don’t allow visa to him. For More details you may check link of Video and watch video on Zaid Hamid Latest Speech.