Bangladesh Stopped Giving Visa to Pakistan from May, Latest News

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Bangladesh Relation With India: More than 1 Lakh Citizen of Bangladesh visit India to trade, Roam as Tourist and some intelligence sources says some Pakistani crossed the border either from Nepal or Bangladesh. As you say this is Election Result of India pressure on Bangladesh or Revenge of Bangladesh from Pakistan during war time but this Visa Ban of Pakistan in Bangladesh Country is Political Basis. Recently America has also deported more than 70 Pakistani who are illegally living in USA and don’t to leave but America is America what Uncle Sam says it will do anything to prove its power around the world and Pakistan is already facing shortage of Money problem but it was resolve when Imran Khan Found Oil and Gas Well in CPEC but it become dream shadow for him.

Mukti Vahini- India Pakistan War: For 1 week Bangladesh restrict Visa access of Pakistan Citizen to enter in Bangladesh. During war of India-Pakistan which led to create formation of Bangladesh and Bangladesh has capture many War Prisoner of Pakistan who supported Pakistan Army. In 2013 Bangladesh Supreme Court order death sentences to Yudhbandi but this resulted in stopping diplomatic relation of Pakistan with Bangladesh as one of Pakistani officer interfering in Bangladesh Court Decision. Bangladesh refused to give visa to Pakistan High Commission which led to decrease the relation of both countries.

Why Bangladesh Stopped Visa: One of Bangladesh Visa officer without naming his name to be disclosed said this was a retaliation of Bangladesh. Pakistan from 4 month has not increased Visa Validity to Bangladesh Officers so we have make these situations to signal this problem.

Bangladesh Newspaper Dhaka Tribune: Counselor of Visa Related Problem Iqbal Husain said the counter of Pakistan visa is closed from 13th May 2019.