1 Dollar Price in Pakistan 148 Rupee and IMF 6 Billion Dollar Loan to Pakistan

1 Dollar Price in Pakistan 148 Rupee Latest News in Hindi Effect of IMF Loan to Pakistan, Relation of China, Dependence of Pakistan to China IMF 6 Billion Dollar Loan to Pakistan.

1 Dollar Price in Pakistan Asking Money Country by Country but not getting suitable amount Cash in Dollar, now Pakistan Rupee has crossed the limit of Money at Rs 148 per Dollar. On 16 May Midnight Indian Rupees 31 Paisa Stronger against dollar but at the same time Dollar Stronger with Rs 3 which means Pakistan Government has to pay money Rs 3 more, if their country, People, Business wants to trade with dollar of wanted to go any country around the world because Dollar is acceptable everywhere.

China Loan, Saudi Loan to Pakistan: Latest News 17 May Few Months Ago Pakistan Prime Minister Said to its Party People and Public that we will not take IMF loan to run our country. You Know International Monetary Fund half of its bank balance contributed by American Tax Payers or America itself. Pm of Pakistan has managed Economy Crisis of Pakistan for Some interval when Chinese Bank transfer 2 Billion Dollar to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, Qatar helps Pakistan with subsidy on Crude, Increased Trade, and Gives Jobs Pakistan in the limit of 6 Billion dollar.

1 Dollar: 148 PAK
Pakistan Development Rate May 2019: 3.3 Percent (One of the Lowest).

IMF Loan may Effect CPEC Construction: Now it’s the time to Go IMF. Today we watched Video of Pakistan Person who said Pakistan don’t take loan from IMF, IMF has given money to celebrate Eid. China wants CPEC and Pakistan Wants Money; they both are friends in the meaning of Honey and Himalaya.

India IMF Loan To Pakistan: Some People of Pakistan Connecting Economic Crisis with India: Pakistan NEVER ACCEPTED by India if Pakistan continues transferring terrorist from its boarder to India. Whether it is BJP, Congress or any other National Party who become Prime Minister. Indian has widened its speech on terrorism base operating from Pakistan. Where PM Modi goes him always give clear reply that we will not become friend until you stop all types of illegal activities in Kashmir.

Effect of IMF Loan to Pakistan: Pakistan has accepted all types of Condition which IMF says to implement it through increasing Gas, Electricity Prices before taking IMF Bank Loan. Total 6 Billion dollar or 42,000 crore rupees loan passed but all money transfer in phase 1, 2 and 3 types. For More details on Pakistan Economy Condition, Pakistan Petrol Prices, Pakistan Rupees, Daily read our article on Pakistan Media on India.