UP Ration Card Digitization List 2019 Aadhaar Seeding, Contact to DSO

UP Ration Card Digitization List 2019 Complaint Regarding Aadhaar Seeding (Link) to Ration Card, Contact to DSO Message in Ration card add new list of family or Rashan card swaping in Rashan ki dukan.

UP Ration Card Digitization List 2019 Contact to DSO Meaning is You will not be able to get Ration Card after this message (Contact to DSO) your registered mobile number. So this is our update of UP Ration Card Digital List when you are seeding you adhaar card with ration card. Seeding means linking your aadhaar card with ration card.

Aadhaar Card Linking Problem (Complaint) in Ration Card: e POS Machine new message appears when any ration card holder register to take (Wheat Rice, Mitti ka Tel) rashan by bio matric verification but the truble came after your finger print approves, kotedar is also satisfied but e pos machine shows reply regarding your ration card that Contact to DSO (UP Ration Card is cancelled).

How to Resolve Ration Card Biomatric Complaint: Applicant need to watch all family (sadasya) listed in single ration card.Check your address and date of birth of all family with adhaar card match. Also Check spelling mistakes in aadhar card or on ration card (which is normal ration card issue).

UP Ration Card Distribution Vitran Complaint: Their are two types of problem yet to resolve both by Government and Kotedar itslef that is Bio Matric Issue and Aadhaar Seeding. if both problem overcome by govt than it can help to make ration card holder happier.

Employees Involve in Ration Card Helpline, Costumer Care are from Inspector, Assistant Review Officer, office of DSO and Kotedar also.