Rahul Gandhi Citizenship Case, Latest News 20 April, British Citizen, 72,000 Notice

Rahul Gandhi Citizenship Case, Allahabad High Court British Citizenship Case Latest News 20 April, Rahul Gandhi British Citizen, Rahul Gandhi ki Nagrikta, Rahul Gandhi Comes under Article 9, 72,000 Notice.

Rahul Gandhi Citizenship Case News: The Most Important News of Today is Congress President Rahul Gandhi Citizenship Case filed in Allahabad High Court. Honorable Court Lucknow Bench has given order to central government or making some important files disclosement related to Rahul Gandhi British Citizenship. According to Indian Citizenship rules people should have only one citizenship but Rahul Gandhi name found in British Citizen ship.

Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi ki Nagrikta: As per News Rahul Gandhi has filled Income Tax Return Form in Britain and he also claimed in that Britain ITR form about he holds British Citizenship. Petitioner says if any person is citizen of another country than HE/SHE should not have access to become political Leader of India (Sansad) which is written in Article 9 and Indian Panel Act 9. 

Rahul Gandhi Speech on Citizenship: From 12 December 2015 the file of Rahul Gandhi Citizenship Case is pending in Central Government and recently court has given strict action to take necessary steps regarding clarification from Home Ministry Related to Rahul Citizenship Case.

1. Allahabad High Court Lucknow Bench said to make letter of Rahul Gandhi Nagrikta within 6 Months.

2. Petitioner Rajnish Kumar have filed the case on Rahul Gandhi Citizen is not a citizen of India.

3. He said one of Rahul Gandhi Company working in Britain here he applied for ITR and claims National of Britain.

4. Article 9 says one cannot be citizen of India if HE/SHE wants to become MLA, Minister.

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