PM Imran Khan Speech 25 April, PM Modi, Bilawal Sahiba, Japan Germany, Iran Border

PM Imran Khan Speech Latest News 25 April PM Modi can solve Kashmir Problem, Bilawal Sahab to Sahiba, Japan Germany Border to India Pakistan Border, Iran Border Terrorist cam from Pakistan Border district.

PM Imran Khan is Prime Minister of Pakistan and only winner of Pakistan Cricket World Cup in 90s. Today we have some statement regarding PM Imran khan speech said in press meeting, Visit in Imran and briefing to Public. Indian Media and Pakistan Media every time use their content to make viral.

PM Imran Khan Funny Speech Bilawal Sahiba: Recently PM Imran Khan Changed the Gender of Pakistan People Party Mukhiya Bilawal Bhutto from Bilawal Sahab to Bilawal Sahiba. This statement sparks opposition party like a clue to make Imran Khan as Indiscipline Words.

Pakistan PM Compare Japan and Germany Border to India and Pakistan. Why Imran Khan said he don’t reply to its Japan and Germany but this Video become viral in all social media platform Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, YouTube.

PM Imran Khan Wants Modi to Become Prime Minister of India: Prime Minister Imran Khan Desires is to see Modi as Prime Minister of India because of its quick action. PM Imran khan believes Modi has taken majore step to resolve Kashmir Issue. However PM Modi party also said to remove Article 370, 35 A from India.

PM Imran Khan Accepts Terrorism in Iran Started from Pakistan Border Region: In previous Imran Khan visit to meet border issue and trade talk with Iran President Hassan Rohani. But suddenly some new statement made by PM Imran Khan yet again punished him. PM said Terrorism started from Pakistan backward district connected to Taliban. Many important leaders like Hina Rabbani Khar, Bilawal Bhutto disappointed towards PM Imran Khan Speech in Iran. As it may make negative impact on Pakistan and its community living in other parts of world.