Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO Biography, Education, Salary Latest News in Hindi

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Mark Zuckerberg is Owner and CEO of Worlds Number Social Networking Site Facebook. He is also called Worlds Youngest Billionaire and Married to Wife, Priscilla Chan with His/her 2 Children.

Mark Zuckerberg Birth Date: He was Born on 14 May 1984 in White Plains NewYork. Mark Zuckerberg graduated from Mercy College, later studied in Phillips Exeter Academy, which is an exclusive Premier school in Hampshire.

Mark Zuckerberg Mother Father Name: Mark Zuckerberg Father Name is Edward Zuckerberg, who is dentist by profession and Mother is worked as a psychiatrist. There are 6 People Living in one Home (couple's four children—Mark, Randi, Donna and Arielle.)

Zuckerbergs Interest In Computer born at the age of 12 when he use Atari Basic to make messaging programme named (Zucknet). His Father and family used to communicate with Zucknet messaging for personal use and patience.

Mark Zuckerberg Company Offer: Before Graduation AOL, Microsoft expressed an interest in buying his software and work but he declined the offer.

Mark Zuckerberg Invention of Programming Software: he build a programme popular as Coursematch which help the student to choose their class based on their education.

He also Invented Facematch Software that compared the pictures of two student that gives which one is attractive.

Facebook Biography: His Fellow Students Divya Narendra, Camron and Tyler Winklevoss advices him to work on social media which was not so popular in that time. Many People also says that Divya Narendra is key Project Maker of his Facebook that was designed to work for Harwards Students Network to create dating network site.

Zuckerberg and His Friends created a site in 2004 which make user profile, Upload Pictures and communicate with other users. His Group Called it Facebook project.

In 2004, He began to devote himself to Facebook Full time and moved his office to Palo Alto, California. In the end of year he has 1 Million Active Users.

In 2005, Venture Capital Firm Accel Partners invested $12.7 million dollar inti the network for limited League students but soon Zuckerberg granted access to more than colleges, High school and International Company which offered him to advertise their brand, products.

In 2006, He faced Legal Problem due to Data Stolen of Facebook Users but his company overcome this problem.

Facebook Zuckerberg Salary: Mark Zuckeberg is one other richest person in the world but His Salary is 1 Dollar (Rs 70 in Indian Rupees). But for your kind information Mark Zuckeberg is not only the person who receives Rs 70 (1$) Google CEO Larry Page, Oracle's Larry Ellison, and HP's Meg Whitman TAKES annual salary.