Iranian Revolutionary Guard May Become Terrorist Group by United States

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Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Blacklist by United States of America: Their will be New Name Added in Terrorist Group Organization List 2019 by United States. As per latest news 8 April 2019, United States of America  to Label Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist group. For More details you may also check update of Iran Revolutionary Guard from Times of India, News18, Zee News and BBC, Alzazeera.

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Latest News April : For your kind information Saudi Arabia and Behrain Already recognize IRGC Military as Terrorist Group (Search from Wikipedia). The Main objective of Iran Revolultionary Guard is to protect Country Islamic Republic System protecting from Foreign Interference but it may create only radicalism.

IRGC Full Form: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). However these type of Thing type may not be asked in GK question. But as an Indian I personally write something new things when I have time.

Iran Retalliation After US puts Iran Revolutionary Guard in to Terrorist: Iran May put US military in Terror List after Washington designates Iran Revolutionary Guard a Terrir Organization.

Name: Iran Revolitionary Guard Corps.
Born on: 1979 at The time Iranian Islamic Revolution.
Objective: To Protect Shia Clerical System and Peace in Boarder Region Like Pakistan.
Supreme Leader: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Total Number of Guards: 1 Lakh 25 Thousand in Army Navy Air Force.
IRGC Reach in Iran Department: Irans Ballistic Missile and Nuclear Programmes.