Free Vip Number Booking For Car, 001, Free Vip Number, How to Purchase VIP Number

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Many Believe they have purchased Vip Number sim card from Airtel, JIO, IDEA and Vodafone Vip Number but this is not the last stage on winner list of Vip Number because 2nd stage is waiting for from Car Buyers who are ready to pay any amount for VIP Numbers. Benefit of VIP Number is to attract eyes towards your bike, Car or Truck and also make your personality you may be purchased some important things Woodland Jackets, Shoes or Apple Macbook Laptops.

UP VIP Number Booking From RTO Department: Latest News 27 April Parivahan Vibhag has ordered employee of RTO Office for making VVIP, VIP Number Price List from Rs 15,000 to Rs 1 Lakh. If govt approve IP VIP Number New Price List than everybody can bid or become lucky to purchase VIP Number List Rs 1 Lakh.

Free Vip Number Booking: Some Vip Numbers excluded from the List of VIP Number that people don’t take interest to buy. So Normal candidates can purchase it as Rs 15,000, 7000, 3,000. To buy Free Fancy Number you must contact RTO department, Agency.

How to Buy VIP Number: VIP Number kaisey Kharidey, Candidates who buy VIP Number for its Car or Bike than he/she has to submit whole amount before 7 days of time interval. If you may not be able to purchase vip Number than your Jamanat Ki Rashi (Application Fees something near meaning) may not be credit to your account i.e. Rs 30,000.

New Fancy Numbers List: Talking about story of 001 VIP number which is it Unique that one woman have purchased Fancy Number 001 of Rs 11.50 but she has not taken interest to buy. Parivahan Vibhag have issued strong statement to those are playing game for taking part, make vip number boli but not purchasing.

Price of 786/0001 VIP Number: Both VIP Number 0001 and 786 Price is Rs 1 Lakh and Jamanat Dhanrashi for VIP Number is Rs 30,000 (Previous it was only 5,000).