UP Board Copy Mulyankan Check 2019 how to get good marks

UP Board Copy Mulyankan Now started and on first day more than 18,000 copies checked by teacher staff who are working in reputed college with bundled of copies. The main headline of our this posts is Students may get more marks in cutting answer, first day 10th March more than 18,000 copies was checked.

UP Board Teacher Copy Checking Rules is now changed BY AUTHORITY. To compete with other board students and to attract more youth to join UP Board School with better marks for future their are some certain changes work by up board for example.

how to get good marks: Mostly people fail in maths, physics and chemistry paper. And rarely in Hindi, English Papers.

1. If you have written correct marks and cut it wrong due to some confusion than UP Board Mulyankan teacher will no cut your marks.

2. You will get number on your maths rough work.

3. if you dont no how to solve the particular question but knows it formula well than also teacher will not be strict at you. So  you should write down formula in answer answr sheet.

4. For better marks we suggest you to dont leave blank page. it will not give good impression on teacher who are checking your copy.

5. Dont need to add more and more word in single question whether it is long answer type question or short type question. Or to get high marks.

6. people who get top marks in Board, Government it is not necessary that they are first in all career fields.

7. After written exam you also apply for compartment, Punarmulyankan Revaluation,