IPAD Mini 5 10.2 Inch, 10.5 Inch Review by SSCBANKGK, What is New

IPAD Mini 5 10.2 Inch, 10.5 Inch Bamura TechReview by SSCBANKGK, What is New in IPAD Mini 5 or what is public Opinion, Soon launching our Tech review on all review of IPAD Mini 5.

Apple Makes me Feel Like Something New such as Going To Learn New Interface. I don’t know about what is I PAD and What is TAB S4 but after seeing Apple I Pad Pro Pencil and Its Arts Loved me a lot. I always watch Apple New Shortcut, Apple Video and Waiting to get Latest News on Apple I PAD 10.2 Inch, 10.5 Inch IPAD Mini 5 (we say). So lets come to the point and talked about new Launching Date of APPLE IPAD 10.2 Inch OR Apple IPAD 10.5 Inch.

IPAD Mini 5 Latest News 2019: In this Blog Posts We will Share some Important Price, Specification and Features of IPAD 10.2 Inch and IPAD 10 Point 5 Inch (10.5 Inch).
1.New Features in APPLE IPAD Mini 5 and Apple IPAD 10.2 Inch will be upgraded version of its Previous Model.

2. In Apple IPAD Mini 5 Their will be New Touch ID Whether is 10.2 Inch or 10.5 Inch.

3. Apple IPAD Mini 5 Price If you are student than you may get 5% discounts on every Apple Product Purchase but for purchasing New IPAD Mini 5 from 10.2 Inch or 10.5 Inch Model (Non Pro) may you ask your parent for money or going to buy it on EMI or Apple Fan don’t see money.

4. Apple IPAD Mini 5 Lauching Date It is confirm apple will launch new Mini IPAD Pro in the Month of September to November 2019.

5. Apple IPAD Mini 5 10.2 Inch, 10.5 Inch Specification is Wifi and Cellular Mobile Network. In both Model Price difference is 150$ (In India 30,000 to 40,000).

6. It is not confirm Apple likely to keep same size but some Apple Costumer says IPAD Mini 5 will look like IPAD Mini 4 which 7.9 Inch in display.

What we want to see in New IPAD Mini 5

USB Type C Ports.
Good Battery Life.
Should Not Compromise with Quality.
Should be Upgraded with MAC OS Mojave
Must Include Apple Pencil in IPAD Mini 5.
Display Size.
RAM Storage
Touch ID
Infinitive Type Display (Supporting Only).
3.5 mm jack.