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up teacher promotion list 2019 latest news Allahabad high court teacher promotion case, hearing latest news of assistant teacher has given order to make promotion list of Teacher without TET eligibility.

Teachers who are appointed before 2010 year, and they are hoping to posts of Headmaster after completing 5 years can become teacher which is validated by Allahabad high court recent statement on 26 February 2019.

So TET rules is not followed to above stated word for teachers working from 5years above in single primary school, junior high school or may be some inter college teacher also.

UP Primary Teacher Promotion 2018-19: To become adjustable in promotion policy of Basic Shiksha Parishad or Madhyamik Shiksha Parishad 69000 Joining Candidates or 68,500 assistant teacher may follow some rules that we are mention

1. They should be punctual in Morning or Leaving Time.
2. While going for holiday leave they must consult to senior on how to make leave application.
3. You must upgrade your knowledge of Tet, attend exam of teacher association.
4. Fill the form of teacher puraskar yojna
5. Every year give Tet exam, improve your degree for posts to above posts.
6. In 2007 TET (Teacher eligibility test) is not mandatory: The story of making invalid tet under promotion is made when one plea filed case in high court and said to judge that his jobs was associated from year 2007 and at that time TET qualification is not in criteria of becoming teacher.

7. In 2018 principal recruitment process was going on promotion basis and other preference that are valid to make one principal in school. But BSA as rejected some application due to not TET done by some people/teachers.